Client Spotlight: White Lotus Living -Los Angeles Branding Photography

This past week I had the very special pleasure of photographing the radiant Jan Tucker of White Lotus Living. White Lotus is an online store that sells only the highest quality, best sourced, most ethical natural products. Boy did I learn a lot from Jan! Apparently many if not most of the so called “natural […]

Client Spotlight: Edith L Photography -Los Angeles Branding Photography

This is the fabulous Edi Levandoski of Edith L Photography. She is a wedding, event, and portrait photographer newly relocated here to Los Angeles from the east coast! This girl is so full of positivity and gumption! She has only been in LA for 5 months and has joined her local chamber of commerce, attends […]

Client Spotlight: Meg Long Creative -Los Angeles Branding Photography

As I have mentioned before, what I love most about being a photographer is building relationships with my clients. I love showing up for the big day excited to hang out with and capture my new friend! Yesterday’s shoot was no exception! This is the stunning Meg Long of Meg Long Creative. Aside from being […]

Client Spotlight: Cummings & Franck -Los Angeles Branding Photography

A few weeks ago I got a call from Scott Cummings of Cummings & Franck that they were looking for photos for their new website. Like many people when they first call me, they were “looking for something simple” a couple of shots of each of the three attorneys and a group photo. After talking […]

Client Spotlight: Really Natalie -Los Angeles Branding Photography

I know this is supposed to be a “client spotlight” but this lovely lady is actually of of my very dear friends, Natalie! She and I met freshman year of college at Biola University. We lived in the same dorm, shared a few classes, and watched a LOT of Friends. Natalie has always had a […]

Client Spotlight: Neverest Solutions -Los Angeles Branding Photography

This is the lovely & talented Sandra Tibbs of Neverest Solutions. Neverest is a company dedicated to cultivating intelligent leadership skills through coaching and leadership training. Sandra caught the vision for her company after spending years working in intelligence in the military. After serving her country & entering a more corporate world, she began to […]