Client Spotlight: Brand From Within -Los Angeles Branding Photography

One of the perks of being a photographer is that my “office” is wherever I am, moreover, wherever I want to be. Last week my office was at the beautiful and sophisticated Loews Hotel in iconic Santa Monica. It was a beautiful day full of sunshine and a delightful cool breeze! Better yet, I got […]

Client Spotlight: Amanda Loveland

We are so proud to introduce you to the lovely, sassy, ruthless and completely audacious business coach! Aside from being absolutely delightful to work with from start to finish, she was such a breath of fresh air for us! We learned so much from her beautiful philosophy on business coaching. This girl LOVES her clients! […]

Client Spotlight: Sue Vee -Los Angeles Branding Photography

I admit it, I’m a little cynical sometimes when it comes to living in Los Angeles and allllll the “actors” and all the “musicians” and “dancer” who all want to make it, but most simply lack the drive or the talent or both. I know it sound horrible, but its definitely true in my experience. […]

Client Spotlight: Robert E Lee Music -Los Angeles Branding Photography

Its a beautiful thing sharing your life with another creative entrepreneur. To get to share the excitement of a new project and knowing they actually understand what it feels like. Its even more overwhelming when you realize that its because of this person that you even have the courage to succeed. This is my husband, […]

Client Spotlight: Sterling Writer -Los Angeles Branding Photography

This particular post is near and dear to my heart. Sterling Writer is so much more than a client. She is more than an industry leading copy writer. She is more than a sharp and astute entrepreneur. She is Christine, and she is my oldest friend in the world.  Chris and I met when were […]

Client Spotlight: Samara Bay -Los Angeles Branding Photography

Every once and a while I get a client that makes my job seem just ridiculous. Ridiculous that I get to have so much fun. Ridiculous because I feel like a better photographer than I probably am because she just looks so beautiful and lively in every single photo. Well, this was one of those […]