Dear Brand Gals – Starting with a Name

Q:  I get inspired to start my brand, but finding the right name and committing to it scares me. I know this is essential, I just don’t know how to get started. Any advice for the naming process? A: You are right finding a name for your brand is one of the most important parts of […]

Dear Brand Gals – Design on a Budget

Q: When launching and budgets are tight, how can you make your brand look professional and high end (to reflect your products/pricing) without breaking the bank or if you can’t yet afford professional designers? A: To answer this one, I am going to throw a little color theory at you! Different colors evoke different emotions for […]

Dear Brand Gals – First Things

Q: When you start to establish your brand, what are the first things to focus on? Logo? Social Media? Website? A: Great question! This is such a common frustration when first diving into branding. I would actually venture to say none of the above! I think that before you even consider spending any time or money visual […]

Dear Brand Gals – Naming Your Company

Q: Does it make more sense to have the name of your company be your actual name or something more “catchy”? A: Oh! The naming of the company. This is no small question. I do however, have some thoughts on this. In our experience, we would say that it depends greatly on the nature of your […]

Dear Brand Gals – Rebranding Flow

Q: How does one create a cohesive flow in transitioning to a new brand? Where does one begin? A: This is a fantastic question! Personally (and I am not saying this is 100% the only way to do this), I opt for a major “behind the scenes” approach. Tell your fans that big changes are coming and […]

Dear Brand Gals – Get Out There

Q: Once you have rebranded, assuming a name change, what is the best way other than social media to get the new name out there? A: This is a tricky one, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back! I have done this the right way and I have done this the wrong way, so this is my […]