photo + video shoots that tell your brand story



photo + video shoots that
tell your brand story

Dear Brand Gals – Design on a Budget

q&a13Q: When launching and budgets are tight, how can you make your brand look professional and high end (to reflect your products/pricing) without breaking the bank or if you can’t yet afford professional designers?

A: To answer this one, I am going to throw a little color theory at you! Different colors evoke different emotions for people. And, when it comes to feeling “high end and expensive” black, white, and simple is your very best bet. Look at most of the expensive fashion designers and brands. Most of them are very very minimalistic both in design and in color.

Once you know that, you can possibly “DIY it” (though I say that with extreme caution. If you don’t have a natural design eye, please please do not. Its not worth it to your brand and growth to save a few bucks).

Another great option is something like what we offer in our shop! Not to sound all “self promotey”, but building beautiful brands for those on a tight budget but who value design was our whole vision behind the shop. There are also some other amazing designers out there that offer similar services (Etsy and the Dear Miss Modern shop are two of our faves).

Basically, once you know the basics and the amazing resources out there, you can totally have a chic high-end brand on a budget. Go get em’!

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