Dear Brand Gals – Client Communication

Q: How are you able to identify the way your target client communicates? I am having trouble communicating through wording and copy to my target : outdoor high-end wedding clients. Do you send out surveys? Hold interviews? Hire someone else to do it? Would love to know how you developed your copy. Thank you! A: To […]

Dear Brand Gals – Our Branding Process

Q) What is your process like to really make sure the brand you are creating really matches the company/person? Do you have questions you ask all your clients? Or is it more of a discussion to get to the core of what they stand for? A) Wow! What an excellent question! When it comes to […]

Dear Brand Gals – Personal Branding Tips

Q) Any personal branding tips? A) Wow! Where do I even start… I’d say start with exactly who you are, exactly what you want to communicate to people, and from there it’s about ruthless consistency. An effective personal brand like any brand is something people come to depend on. They know what to expect from you AND […]

Dear Brand Gals – Revealing a Rebrand

Q) What’s the best way to reveal a rebrand, quietly or with a bang? A) I’d say that this is really a matter of personal preference. That being said, we are pretty big fans of a good BANG! You have poured so much of yourself, your time, and probably your hard earned moola into your […]

Dear Brand Gals – Multiple Businesses

Q: If you run multiple different kinds of businesses or blogs, should the companies be linked or separate? And, should you have different business names/logos for each? A: This is one of the most common issues our clients bring to us and while it can definitely vary from situation to situation, on the whole I see 3 […]

Dear Brand Gals – There is No Such Thing as Failure

Q:  How do I learn from failure in my business and not let it get the best of me? A: I have a huge news flash for you : There is not such thing as REAL failure! You have to understand that every so-called “failure” is only a seed for success. Every downfall you encounter […]