ANNOUNCING: Studio V by The Brand Gals

OH. EM. GEE! Could we BE anymore excited right now!? (*she says in her best Chandler Bing voice*) Why are we so excited? We are glad you asked! Its because we finally get to tell you about: STUDIO V by The Brand Gals STUDIO V by The Brand Gals is a video production studio for […]

Gratitud + Stress

GRATITUDE MOMENT Thanks to Jhossi (aka the best intern ever!) I watched a seriously life changing TED Talk today about stress. The thesis is that stress is only a negative/harmful thing when we BELIEVE that stress is bad (Mind blown. Must watch!). Realizing how much power we have in our lives by sheer knowledge is just […]

How a girls night out changed everything

So last night I went out -something that literally never happens anymore. I am a wife, a mom, a busy entrepreneur who can barely keep up with her friends. So even making the time to go out was kind of a big deal. And, if I’m being totally honest, I was a little bit nervous. […]

RE’s Very Hungry Birthday Party – Los Angeles Branding Photography

I literally cannot believe that my little baby boy has been mine for 2 whole years. I’m not kidding when I say that sometimes I still think I’m pregnant with him for a moment before I remember. I remember that there is a smart, beautiful, silly little boy named RE Lee (we pronounce it “Arie”:) […]

REVIEW: Marie et Cie Coffee House, Studio City

It could be the soft Parisian music, or the friendly patrons I get to mingle with, or perhaps its the simple fact that its walking distance from my house, but Marie et Cie is quickly becoming one of my most favorite coffee shops here in LA! THE SHOP: Conveniently tucked not too far away in Studio […]

Review: Alfred Coffee & Kitchen, West Hollywood

On Monday, instead of taking my normal “work day” my husband and I had headed out for a very spontaneous family day. We hopped in the car around noon & just started driving! We ended up stopping for gas over on the Westside and in my continuing endeavor to find great coffee (and by great, […]