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Review: Alfred Coffee & Kitchen, West Hollywood

On Monday, instead of taking my normal “work day” my husband and I had headed out for a very spontaneous family day. We hopped in the car around noon & just started driving! We ended up stopping for gas over on the Westside and in my continuing endeavor to find great coffee (and by great, I mean Seattle status great;) here in Los Angeles, I resisted the urge to drop into Starbucks & instead broke out my Yelp app. Its a good thing too because it turned out that we were literally around the corner from a truly great independent coffee shop called Alfred Coffee & Kitchen.

THE SHOP: I feel pretty confident in saying that this was the “coolest” coffee shop I’ve ever been to. I was greeted by a hand written sign that read “Congratulations! You made it out of bed. Now have some coffee” which basically summarizes how I feel most mornings. The ambiance and duel-level design of this shop is totally fitting of the Westside: clean, finished, cozy, tucked away and all with just enough pretension so you don’t forget where you are. I loved it! They of course have free WiFi and enough seating. I liked how they spread out the seating/work areas so that for the most part each person has his or her own little nook. Basically, I cannot wait to work there next Monday!

THE COFFEE: Simply put, it was the best latte I have had since leaving Seattle. I had the carmel latte and It was so smooth and flavorful without even a hint of bitterness. Even my husband who isn’t one for coffee loved it! They really take their time with every step of the process and their drinks are the perfect sipping temperature right away (I hate waiting for my coffee to cool!). All this wonderfulness does alas come at a cost. At $6.75 for a soy carmel latte I guess you really do get what you pay for.

I didn’t have anything to eat at this shop (partly because we were going to eat elsewhere, and partly because after paying $6.75 for my latte, my inner bargain whore was weeping) but I did notice that they offer vegan and gluten free options along with some pretty tasty looking pastries. Overall if you can stand the price tag, it is so SO worth it! I will probably go there again & I am thankful its not so close to my house as to be a temptation;-)

<3 K

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