A Time For Conversation: Bridging the Gap Campaign

I’ve heard it said that a person who understands their time in history and knows what to do is incredibly powerful. This idea has really stuck with me over the years -driven me to dive deep and seek to understand what has come before. Its made me realize that I don’t want to play a […]

ANNOUNCING: Studio V by The Brand Gals

OH. EM. GEE! Could we BE anymore excited right now!? (*she says in her best Chandler Bing voice*) Why are we so excited? We are glad you asked! Its because we finally get to tell you about: STUDIO V by The Brand Gals STUDIO V by The Brand Gals is a video production studio for […]

Networking: How To Do It Right!

Here is the networking fairytale: You show up to a networking event, business cards in hand. As you make your way around the room, its like magic. You just connect with so many like minded professionals who totally need you! They want to talk with you and help you and buy from you -they get […]

Dear Brand Gals – Client Communication

Q: How are you able to identify the way your target client communicates? I am having trouble communicating through wording and copy to my target : outdoor high-end wedding clients. Do you send out surveys? Hold interviews? Hire someone else to do it? Would love to know how you developed your copy. Thank you! A: To […]

Gratitud + Stress

GRATITUDE MOMENT Thanks to Jhossi (aka the best intern ever!) I watched a seriously life changing TED Talk today about stress. The thesis is that stress is only a negative/harmful thing when we BELIEVE that stress is bad (Mind blown. Must watch!). Realizing how much power we have in our lives by sheer knowledge is just […]