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photo + video shoots that
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A Time For Conversation: Bridging the Gap Campaign

I’ve heard it said that a person who understands their time in history and knows what to do is incredibly powerful. This idea has really stuck with me over the years -driven me to dive deep and seek to understand what has come before. Its made me realize that I don’t want to play a role in someone else’s narrative -I believe that we all belong to each other and we are stronger together.

Which brings me to the Bridging The Gap Campaign and the reason for this post!

A couple of months ago I was introduced to Catherine Grace O’Connell and the Bridging the Gap Campaign. This unique project brings together influencers from different stages of life -one millennial and one mid-lifer -to connect, get to know each other, and “bridge” the generational gap. The goal of the campaign is to tear down the social and economic narratives that have dominated advertising since the beginning of, well advertising.

I was fortunate enough to be partnered with the beautiful and talented Nora Minassian. Originally a fashion designer, Nora is the Founder of The Jacket Society, a personal styling blog and ecommerce shop featuring many of Nora’s own designs! She wore one of them during our interview and it was elegant + timeless.

My favorite thing about Nora is that she has always followed her dreams -even in a time when, admittedly, there were less opportunities than there are today. Nora’s take on the proverbial gap: “There is no gap! We are all the same! We are all women and we are connected.”

I hope you enjoy watching our interview together. This was one small and very uplifting way to lead by example, be involved in the narrative, and ultimately be the change we want to see in the world.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and feelings on the Bridging the Gap Campaign as well as your personal experience and response to advertising and how we want to be talked to as women.

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