ANNOUNCING: Studio V by The Brand Gals

OH. EM. GEE! Could we BE anymore excited right now!? (*she says in her best Chandler Bing voice*) Why are we so excited? We are glad you asked! Its because we finally get to tell you about: STUDIO V by The Brand Gals STUDIO V by The Brand Gals is a video production studio for […]

announcement: bungalow. group-style branding

At The Brand Gals, we have the opportunity to talk to a lot of amazing entrepreneurs who each have something beautiful to share with the world. If there is one thing we despise, its missing out on the opportunity to help someone tell their story. SOOOO, we are STOKED to announce… bungalow. build your online […]

A Big Brand Gals Announcement!

For us, branding is about a lot more than just making money or even making pretty things (although we do love us some pretty things!). Its about doing business well. Doing business well means doing it well at all levels. Whether you have been in business for a while and are ready for a custom […]

It’s going to be a BRAND new year!

A NEW YEAR IS COMING! We are just as dumbfounded as you that 2015 is literally just around the corner! 2014 has been a helluva year for us as a company and while we are sad to see it go, we are also crazy excited about all of the smashing things we have planned for […]

snap. workshop + Darling Magazine

We are so so stoked to announce our brand new Snap. Workshop: Photography for Entrepreneurs. This workshop came about as a result of so many people asking us about our photography and our Instagram and if we’d be willing to share our strategies. The answer: OF COURSE! We love to help and support our fellow […]