The Importance of Your “WHY” -Los Angeles Branding Photography

As an entrepreneur people often ask me not only what I do for a living, but also why I do it. The answer to this is really important because this is my “WHY”. WHY do I get up every morning, WHY do I work really hard & sometimes feel like I’m spinning my wheels, WHY are […]

The Best Thing About Brand! -Los Angeles Branding Photography

A couple of days ago I shared about how important it is to know why you do what you do. Whether its starting a business, staying home with your kids, or keeping your conventional job, they key to consistent happiness is knowing WHY you do it! I also shared how for me, that “why” is […]

Defining Brand: Authentic Business Brands -Los Angeles Branding Photography

In this mini blog series we have been defining brand because for most people brand is at least an abstract concept that they know is important but don’t really understand. But for many more, it is completely foreign. So far we have taken a good look at Personal & Corporate Branding. Today, we are going […]

Client Spotlight: WooHoo Weekend 2012 + How it Changed My Life!

Simply put, WooHoo Weekend 2012 changed my life! It was because I got to be at this fabulous event & photograph all of the amazing women (and some incredible men!) that my focus began to shift in my photography business. Before attending Lisa Steadman’s inspiring weekend, I was struggling. I struggled with what kind of […]