photo + video shoots that tell your brand story



photo + video shoots that
tell your brand story

How being honest grows your business.

shutterstock_100680172 copyWARNING: today’s post is a little bit touchy. Read on only with an open mind 

Today we are going to talk about HONESTY: Of course there are a lot of things we could say about being honest, but we are going to hope that your parents taught you most of the important stuff, and focus on just one aspect -being honest in your brand.

As we have said before, your brand simply cannot be all things to all people. So, instead just be your honest self. If you’re a little old fashioned, BE a little old fashioned. If you are rebel with a cause, then sell us on your passion.

The principle here is that of “attract and repel”. You want the brand you are building and putting out there to be honest so that you attract the right people to you -YOUR peeps.

Simultaneously, you want to literally repel everyone else away from you. Why? Because these are not your people. They are either indifferent to what you’re all about, or they are the haters. Either way, they’re not worth trying to impress.

Okay, brace yourself, I’m gonna get deep here for a minute. If being honest in your brand is showing us the real you, then a pretty significant part of doing that is actually BEING honest about the real things: real life hurts, disappointments, fears, frustrations, even failures.

Yes, its more glamorous to “boast post” about your fab new house or client. But we all know that life is not always cupcakes and roses. Be real about the hard work being worth it, and about how you stayed up late and woke up early to land that big client.

This isn’t to say go ahead and air out your dirtily laundry all over the internet, but show us more than the picture perfect end result.

Being honest in your brand is about showing us more than the highly edited, truly fabulous version of yourself you have constructed. Because being honest with us ultimately helps you be honest with yourself.

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