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photo + video shoots that
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Defining Brand: Having a Strong Personal Brand -Los Angeles Branding Photography

For the majority of people, “brand” is at the very least an abstract concept if not all together foreign. So, I want to spend some time defining what I mean when I say I am a branding photographer & coach.

Simply put your brand is who you are and how you show that to the world both online and in person. There are three main types brands we will go over in this mini blog series: Personal Brands, Corporate Brands, and what we will call Authentic Business Brands. In this post, we will focus on Personal Brands.

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First, let’s talk about personal branding. Think celebrities: Who do you like? Why do you like them? Who can you not stand & why? the reason you love or hate a celebrity is because of the image and elements of their personality & values they put out for us to see. For the vast majority of people, these values and traits are all we will ever see of our friends in hollywood. There are definitely some celebs who don’t seem to care much and keep their personal lives very private and others who put it all out there (for better for for worse;). These are personal brands. Why the Kardashians always wear black, white, silver and gold and drive ridiculously high end cars. Its why Nicki Minaj always looks like some sort of cartoon, and why most people like Jimmy Fallon.

Anyone can & arguably should have a strong personal brand. Who are you? What do you stand for? What are you known for? How do you express yourself in your attire? Is your hair wash & wear or always pressed? Are you Ann Taylor or Anthropologie? By nature we all like to be defined and feel understood (consider the ghastly amount of websites dedicated to pseudo personality tests). Psychologists even admit that we can’t help but categorize the world and people around us which is why things like stereotypes even exist. So, why not make a stand for what categories you are willing to be put into. No one can please everyone so commit to being proud of who you are. That way you will be attracting the kind of people you want to like and repelling those who you never stood a chance with anyways.

As you consider the elements of your personal brand, please share some of the things you are most confident and proud of in your life in the comments below. Also feel free to ask questions about defining your personal brand as well! I promise to respond to you promptly <3

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