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photo + video shoots that
tell your brand story

Congratulations! You won the lottery!

shutterstock_72542560 copyToday we are talking about that little green monster.

You know, the one who rears her ugly head when you see your competition on a lavish vacation or your friend land a great new gig while you’re still struggling along.

Jealousy is one of those things in life that the only way around it, it to go intentionally through it. 

The Key to getting through jealousy is to choose in each moment to focus not on what you don’t have (generally the thing that the other person is boasting about;), but to focus instead on all of the things you DO have. 

About a year ago I overheard my husband watching a show about people who had won the lottery and how it changed their lives. It got me thinking about how many times we have all been asked, or asked ourselves the question:

“What would you do if you won the lottery?”

That’s when it hit me. Each and every one of us has ALREADY WON THE LOTTERY! We all have within ourselves the dreams and the abilities to change our own lives and the world.

The only question is, what are you going to do about it?

Don’t feel jealous of another person’s accomplishments or good fortune. Get out there and make use out of the incredible and outrageous blessings and resources you have already been given.

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