photo + video shoots that tell your brand story



photo + video shoots that
tell your brand story

Client Spotlight: Samara Bay -Los Angeles Branding Photography

Every once and a while I get a client that makes my job seem just ridiculous. Ridiculous that I get to have so much fun. Ridiculous because I feel like a better photographer than I probably am because she just looks so beautiful and lively in every single photo. Well, this was one of those ridiculous clients. I’d like to introduce you to the amazingly beautiful and talented, Samara Bay.


Samara is a mosaic of talent and a crazy interesting lady! She grew up in academic circles and attended Princeton University (I know, right!?!) then moved on to become an actress here in LA. BUT the story does not stop there. She also is a very talented dialect coach, TV host, and content marketing genius. Yep, this girl is the whole package.


Well, with such a myriad of amazing talents and endeavors, Samara was in need of a fresh pair of eyes as she was developing her new website. While The Brand Gals didn’t actually design her site (Samara can go ahead and add that to her list of awesome skills;) we did consult with her and had the absolute pleasure of taking her brand photos.

We had a lovely time walking around her “hood” in beautiful West Hollywood, CA taking pictures in front of all her favorite neighbors homes. We ended our time at my all-time favorite coffee shop, Alfred Coffee & Kitchen (which BTW has some of the best coffee and best branding a gal like me could ask for!) where we grabbed a cup of delight and wrapped up our fab shoot!

To say the least, I am pleased as punch with her beautiful photos and to have gotten to spend my afternoon with such a special gal.

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