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photo + video shoots that
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How celebrating helps grow your business

shutterstock_118111297 copyThe nature and reality of owning your business is that there is a truly never ending list of things to do. Each item you check off your list adds 5 more.

Personally, I don’t actually consider this a bad thing because it indicates to me that the creative juices are still flowing. And, because absolutely love what I do, it doesn’t usually feel like “work”.

However, all that said, it is so so important to remember to celebrate your achievements. The list will not let up, so you will never be “caught up,” and there will always be another amazing goal to chase.

This means that you MUST carve out the time to remember and acknowledge all you have accomplished.

When I read something like this about a year ago, it hit me like a ton of bricks that I literally never, not even once, in my entire first year and a half of business, took the time to celebrate any one of my victories.

I didn’t celebrate landing my first client, I didn’t celebrate when I launched a new site, or when a photo shoot went really well. I didn’t even celebrate when I wrapped up my first coaching program.

It made me sad to realize that.

If you land an important client, or finish a design project, maybe you meet your quota, or you have a successful trade show, whatever the victory is for you, take the time to acknowledge it and celebrate it. Celebrations don’t need to be huge either. Finishing a project does not require a trip to Barbados, but it might warrant a bottle of wine and a night off.

Have you had any victories lately? Big or small? Did you get to celebrate them? Share your victories with us below. We want to celebrate with you!

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