What to Wear – Casual Hues

As the weather heats up we all want to stay casual and cool. We welcome the season with this Causal Grace ensemble. As one who embraces casual and easy, this outfit will help you achieve being bold while staying functional and relaxed. Mixing the classic shapes and silhouettes of these pieces with bold colors and […]

Find Your Style Profile Quiz

Fashion comes and goes, but STYLE lasts a lifetime! As an entrepreneur, YOU ARE YOUR BRAND so it is crucial to have a roaring sense of style. Take our style quiz to help bring clarity to your fashion identity and rock it to its fullest potential. Let’s begin!   1. When you think about your […]

Style Profile: YOU! Design Your Unique Brand Style

Okay, so you took our awesome quiz and you got your fabulous results. But you are left feeling a little misunderstood. You are more than a clean and perfect Classic Beauty. DO NOT FRET! WE HAVE GOT YOU! The thing is that most of us are a combination of at least 2-3 different profiles! That’s […]

Bombshell Profile

BOMBSHELL STYLE PROFILE STRIKING | DRAMATIC | ALLURING | SOPHISTICATED | INTRIGUING | BOLD YOU ARE A GLAMOROUS WOMAN! As a glamorous woman you enjoy adding dramatic pieces or accessories to your outfit. You probably lean toward boldly colored/patterned clothes that are highly structured. You love this glamorous look because it conveys a sense of status or […]

Trendsetter Profile

TRENDSETTER STYLE PROFILE AVANT GARDE | MODERN | BOLD | VIVACIOUS | INVENTIVE | POSH YOU ARE A TRENDSETTER! You are a woman who embraces edge in your fashion. You love standing out in the crowd and believe your style helps you achieve this. You do not quickly adopt trends, but rather start your own. You embrace […]

Romantic & Lovely Profile

ROMANTIC GAL STYLE PROFILE ELEGANT | GRACEFUL |FEMININE | GIRLY | SOFT | LOVELY YOU HAVE A ROMANTIC & LOVELY STYLE! You express your femininity through your fashion. You love being a girly girl and you inspire us all to fall in love. Floral prints, ribbon, and lace details are your favorite things. Your friends describe […]