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photo + video shoots that
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5 for 5 Focus: Nuru International

What is extreme poverty? The World Bank defines it as living on less than $1.25 per day. The organization Nuru shook its head at this definition. While it is the indicator of extreme poverty, they did not believe it was the root of such poverty. After all, financial aid pours into these countries frequently but there is rarely long-term effects other then the creation of an unwanted dependence. They determined that real definition of poverty is the lack of meaningful choices for basic human rights. With this new definition of extreme poverty, Nuru is working to end it by encouraging, empowering, and educating communities and leaders to commit to a journey of flourishment. Nuru equips the communities they partnered with with the education and tools they need to be come self-sufficient. After instilling confidence in these communities, Nuru steps out and entrusts the poverty fighting to those equipped best to do it: The community members themselves. Poverty is a huge a global issue but when you have companies like Nuru, addressing the problem at the root and helping communities deal with it independently, it’s hard not to be optimistic about the future. Carry on, Nuru.

To learn more about the incredible work Nuru is doing around the world and how you can support their efforts, click here.

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