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photo + video shoots that
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5 for 5 Focus: Inside Out Community Arts

I first learned about Inside Out a couple of years ago when a friend recommended me to photograph their annual Abbot Kinney fundraiser. I was instantly impressed and humbled by the needs that this organization meets. We got to listen to story after touching story of how they opportunity to explore and pursue art literally saved these young people’s lives.

We all know that the arts are invariably the first thing to go on the chopping block when school funding is cut back, but in underprivileged communities, it was often never even there to begin with. That is why the work that Inside Out and other organizations like it, is so so important and why I love supporting this wonderful non-profit!

The mission of Inside Out is to transform the lives of youth in underserved communities through arts and media education.  This organization crosses socioeconomic, geographical, and cultural boundaries in an attempt to provide art and media as a constructive outlet for  underserved kids. Based here in Los Angeles, Inside Out provides children with after school programs that cover a wide array of theater, movement, art, and media curriculum. Their goal is to teach these kids constructive methods of interpersonal communication, compassion, tolerance and respect. Inside Out wants to build self-esteem and empower the youth by writing and performing plays that deal with poignant issues that should be important to them. It’s important to take care of your own backyard, and we support Inside Out every step of the way.

To learn more about the uplifting work Inside Out is doing here.


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