photo + video shoots that tell your brand story



photo + video shoots that
tell your brand story

Our #1 Secret to Business Success

shutterstock_124686130 copyStarting a business is no small undertaking.

It takes time and energy and focus that you never knew you had. Because of this (especially as a solo-preneur) it can also be an isolating and even lonely process at times.

Its a tough thing to strike any kind of balance between your work and personal and/or family life when your new business is your biggest most all consuming passion. Its what you think about all the time and there are simply never enough hours in the day to accomplish all that truly needs to get done.

Not to mention that at a certain point, your friends and family with “normal” jobs and lives get a little tired of hearing about the new strategy or idea or project you are working on. Often times, many people just don’t “get it”.

This is why I so so strongly encourage you to seek out and develop “kindred” (family like) business relationships. As important as it is to build a tribe around you of followers and contributors who embrace your vision, it is at was equally important, if not more so to develop a business family.

These are people you can work with, and collaborate with, and celebrate with, and play with. These are people who share your level of interest and passion in their own lives. These are people who “get it”. They get the hard work and the sleeplessness, and the thrill. This new new family of kindred spirits will lift you up and keep you accountable and motivated and inspired.

Do you already have a kindred tribe? If so, tell us about them in the comments below with a note of gratitude!

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