Dear Brand Gals – Multiple Businesses

q&a5Q: If you run multiple different kinds of businesses or blogs, should the companies be linked or separate? And, should you have different business names/logos for each?

A: This is one of the most common issues our clients bring to us and while it can definitely vary from situation to situation, on the whole I see 3 general solutions.

      • First, you can simply keep them separate and specialized (though  your branding will likely be fairly similar because, well why not. If you are keeping them separate, think of it as saving you moola on branding:)
      • Second, you can keep them separate but add in an additional site that is “” that talks about you and all the crazy cool stuff you do with links to each of your other sites
      • Third, and, in my opinion, most preferable is to find a way to stitch together all of the amazing things you do into 1 beautiful brand/website. There are a few people we think do this well but our favorite is The Holistic Fashionista.

I hope this helps! If you are really struggling with how to do any of these, remember that we offer affordable consulting services to help!

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