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5 for 5 Introducing The Westside Children’s Center

With the recent changes over here at The Brand Gals we decided it was time to bring in a new member to the 5 for 5 family: The Westside Children’s Center! This is an organization that Kelsey has worked closely with over the past 2 years. We are absolutely crazy about their commitment to our LA community and youngsters!


The Westside Children’s Center provides thousands of at-risk children and their families with critical, high-quality early education programs, family strengthening interventions for families at-risk of losing their children, foster care and adoption services, and a range of vital, integrated services, such as disabilities screenings/advocacy, nutrition, parenting classes, counseling, bilingual domestic violence classes, dental and vision screenings, and pediatric health consultations. Their highly-trained and dedicated child development and child welfare experts ensure that each child receives the tailored supports that she and her family need to be prepared for success in school and beyond.

The Westside Children’s Center is committed to breaking the cycles of intergenerational poverty, abuse, and neglect by creating a level playing field— providing children an environment that catalyzes their creativity and innate intelligence and teaching parents how to support their children’s physical, cognitive and social-emotional development, thus preparing them for a life of learning.  Regardless of economics or family circumstances, they reinforce in children the tools they will need to succeed in life (curiosity, optimism, self-control, resilience, and perseverance).

The WCC knows that families’ needs are deep, persistent, and specific to their unique sets of circumstances. They believe that their work is only as good as their team’s expert knowledge and willingness to go above and beyond, their persistence in the face of obstacles, and their commitment to the idea that all children have the right to be safe, nurtured, and given the foundation to lead fulfilling lives.

YAY Westside Children’s Center! I love you guys & love supporting you!

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