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photo + video shoots that
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5 for 5 Focus: Inside Out Community Arts DANCE PARTY

Recently we checked in with the Inside Out  blog and found this gem:

In 2003-2004 a talented Los Angeles based musician Kristin Barnes worked with her son to create a powerful and uplifting original song for Inside Out Community Arts that helps to teach young people that the direction of their lives is really up to them.   The song has been played for countless youth IOCAsong20131participants and audience members over the years.  Students and adults alike connect to the beat and inspiring words, and love to sing along when it’s play during events and at the conclusion of annual youth performances.

Recently, Rolando Zee, a talented actor and dedicated Artist Leader who has been teaching with Inside Out for several years, took it upon himself to create movements to go along with the song.  The idea came to him when he first joined Inside Out and wanted to learn the great song he kept hearing.  Rolando recruited his little sister to join him in a choreography project that would help him remember the words.  After creating the compilation of concise and simple movements in relation to the lyrics, he started to make time in between Inside Out workshops and rehearsals to share the movements with his Inside Out students to help them better learn the song.

Due to the success and enjoyment of Rolando’s creation, it is turning into a company wide dance piece that all students are rehearsing in preparation to perform on stage at the end of their spring performance on Saturday, May 17th, 2014 at 7pm at the Aratani / Japan America Theater in downtown Los Angeles.

You are invited to see our May 17th show, and join 100 middle school students to sing and dance along to our favorite song!

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