Recently our team has come under some fire regarding copyright and the use of other’s work in our portfolio, social media, and curriculum.

Simply put, this is not true.

  • A core value for The Brand Gals is that of responsibility. What we mean by that is that we have always and will continue to take responsibility for any mistakes we make. Moreover, we have and will continue to swiftly remedy any unintentional missteps we may make.
  • Another core value for us is that of creativity. We are creatives and we respect other creatives and their work. We do not steal, borrow, or otherwise misuse other creatives beautiful work.
  • Finally, another core value for us is that of transparency. We are candid with our clients, our peers, and with our prospective clients (even to the point of referring them elsewhere when we feel we are not the right fit). That said, we have also worked diligently over the past few months to streamline in order to create even more transparency in our business.

We are a company made up of humans, and as humans we have certainly had our fair share of learning opportunities and some of those have been because of mistakes we have made. But it is not our mistakes that define us. It is how we react, take responsibility, and change as a result of those mistakes that define us as individuals and as The Brand Gals.

Because we believe deeply in the principles of responsibility, creativity, and transparency, we would like to open the door for dialogue around our company, our policies, and the issues of late. Please feel free to email us directly at hello@thebrandgals.com with any questions, concerns or to set up a phone call with a member of our team to discuss these issues personally.

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