Dear Brand Gals – Personal Branding Tips

q&a16Q) Any personal branding tips?

A) Wow! Where do I even start… I’d say start with exactly who you are, exactly what you want to communicate to people, and from there it’s about ruthless consistency.

An effective personal brand like any brand is something people come to depend on. They know what to expect from you AND you deliver (even if that means your style is so eclectic that they never know what you’re gonna pull off next. There is still dependability in the madness:).

Also like any brand, a personal brand can have “holes” when you are not being consistent. This means if you want to be seen as a classic beauty who has got it all together, then showing up late without any makeup on, or having photos of yourself partying every weekend on social media, or wearing boho chic clothes half the time, are all pretty bad ideas. Having a brand in any capacity (personal, corporate, authentic business, etc.) means being consistent, dependable, and authentic.

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